Savings Cycles

Use flipp app for deals on household items RIGHT now. Sale items can also be shown for a price match. Groupon offers all kinds of steal deals ranging from tooth brush heads to weekend get aways.

Used stuff may also be bought from Kijiji. bargaining is on, but buyer’s beware. mostly sold as-is.

Alternately, plan for a particular sale cycle.
Sale Magnitude
* Small: 10 to 15%
* Medium: 20 to 25%
* Large: up to 50%
* Door crashers: 75 to 85%

Sales Cycle (timeframe) Stuff on sale Volume and Magnitude
Christmas, Boxing Day (Nov to Dec end) Everything on sale including electronics, clothes, food items even things like legal will Large, few door crashers
Family Day Sale (February) TBD Small
Valentine day (14th February) Event Seasonal items e.g. perfumes, chocolates, decorations Small
Good Friday/Easter Monday (April) Online sales, seasonal items e.g. chocolates, spring things, eggs Small
Canada Day (1st July) Fireworks, flag, keychain, T-Shirts Small
Summer Sale (July) Spring/summer clothes, shoes, accessories, lawn, BBQ, plants High
Back to School (August) Clothing, laptop, stationary, electronics, cell phones Medium
Halloween (October end) Seasonal items: costumes, candies, chocolates, chips, snacks Small
Black Friday/Cyber Monday (November end) Everything on sale including electronics, clothes, shoes, household Medium, few door crashers