3 step budgeting system


Your Household Breakdown

Total take home income (after deductions)


monthly biweekly

Number of adults:
Number of minors:
Savings goal (leave it untouched for recommended budget, or put zero for break even) (%) or ($)


Budgeting Tip

Housing: Not much room in bigger cities like Toronto, Vancouver etc. Accommodation is expensive. Basements are cheaper but not a long-term think. Suburbs are cheaper but in turn cost in Transport and time.
Transport: 0% finance and lease options are available for good cars. e.g. Hyundai, Nissan.
Transport: Public Transport is tax deductible and safer. Car insurance premium would reduce as it will just be leisure and non-work related.
Transport: Keep one family car if possible. On occasions where more than 1 car is needed, use uber or rent a car.
Transport: Use car pooling if possible to commute across GTA. Use car pooling if possible to commute across GTA. Search for commuters in your area or use uberpool.
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